Are Anti-Cavity Pills the Next Big Thing?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]According to movies made twenty years ago, the future we’re living in hasn’t quite advanced as far as we’d hoped. While we’re not all riding on hoverboards, we also don’t live in a post apocalyptic desert, and we can use our phones and watches to get the news, find out about traffic, and even track our activity. Technology is constantly moving forward in leaps and changing the way we complete daily tasks. What does the future of healthcare look like? Research has provided us with opportunities to prevent and treat numerous health issues, and one of these treatments that may be available soon is an anti-cavity probiotic supplement.

Oral Bacteria VS Super Oral Bacteria

Oral bacteria are healthy, essential parts of the digestive system. They help our bodies break down food particles into the nutrients we need to stay healthy. However, like any living organisms, bacteria excrete a waste byproduct. The byproduct of bacteria is a sticky, acidic biofilm commonly referred to as plaque. When plaque is able to buildup on teeth, it can weaken the enamel and cause cavities, so how do you stop cavities without damaging the digestive system? You fight bacteria with super bacteria! A specific strain of super bacteria has been proven to destroy the cavity-causing bacteria, produce less damaging plaque byproducts, and provide the necessary aid to the digestive system.

Development of the Anti-Cavity Pill

At the University of Florida, researchers have discovered a unique strain of super bacteria that produce less acidic plaque and will actually destroy decay-causing bacteria. The goal is to create a probiotic supplement that will replace the decay-causing strains of oral bacteria with the healthier super bacteria, leaving patients with healthier smiles without adversely affecting overall digestive health.

Though research is gaining ground to develop this pill to the public, it is still in the stages of development. So for now, knowledge and preventative care is still the best alternative to healthy smiles.

Your Medico M.D. Team Dedicated to Preventive Care

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