Can You Start Enjoying Bread Again with Salivary Treatment for Gluten Sensitivity?

Dentist and dental team helping patientHave you been struggling with temptation when it comes to skipping bread to avoid the upset stomach, cramps, and other adverse health effects that come along with your gluten sensitivity? You’re not alone. In fact, millions of people in the US have been diagnosed with celiac disease, and despite the discomfort and adverse health effects, many of these patients give into their temptations to eat a slice of cake or a piece of pizza on a regular basis. In fact, may people say they never thought about how much of their diet contained gluten until they tried to stop eating it.  Currently there are some treatments available for patients with celiac disease, and they work for many people to varying degrees. However, there is some good news for you if you’re struggling with gluten sensitivity. Researchers may have discovered a way to change the makeup of your saliva to naturally improve your body’s ability to digest gluten.

The Research Study

Research conducted by skilled molecular a cell biologist, Dr. Eva Helmerhorst, of Boston University points to a possible treatment to cure celiac disease, or at least significantly improve patients’ ability to breakdown gluten. What her research uncovered was that the enzymes and bacteria in the stomach are not strong enough to completely breakdown gluten on their own. Instead, those who are able to breakdown gluten must rely on salivary enzymes and oral bacteria to assist in the digestion process. Patients with reduced numbers of specific salivary enzymes were much more likely to experience struggles with celiac disease.

What This Means for Celica Disease Sufferers

If you have difficulty processing gluten, this research may be the first step towards being able to reintroduce gluten into your diet. If researchers are able to change the makeup of a patient’s saliva to contain more of these salivary enzymes, celiac disease may become a thing of the past.

How the Medico M.D. Team Can Help

Unfortunately, the Medico M.D. team does not quite have the technology necessary to deliver salivary treatments for celiac disease sufferers just yet. While this research continues, our dentistry teams can work with you to improve your oral health to ensure your saliva and oral bacteria are breaking down the foods you consume into the nutrients your body needs to thrive. On the medical side, our physicians will work with you to create an ongoing dietary and medicinal treatment plan to address your celiac disease. If you need help with any of your oral health or general healthcare needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment in one of our 18 office locations in the DFW Metroplex, Waco, and San Antonio. We look forward to helping you achieve your oral and overall healthcare goals.

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