Happy Earth Day Waco!

Hands placing a small plantThe dentists and physicians at Medico M.D. hope you and your family are taking some time to celebrate Earth Day on Sunday, April 22nd. This annual national holiday is a time for people from every background to come together to improve their environment and learn more about our impact on the earth – both positive and negative. We hope our Waco, San Antonio, and DFW Metroplex patients, friends, and neighbors are all planning to spend a little time giving back this Earth Day. If everyone does one, small thing, it can make a huge impact, so spend a little time cleaning up a local park, set up a recycling program, or plant a tree.

History of the Earthy Day Celebration

The first Earth Day celebration was put together by Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson. In 1969, Nelson had seen the environmental repercussions of a huge oil spill off the cost of Santa Barbara. He decided there and then that people needed to be more aware of their impact on the earth. Nelson wanted to set aside a national day to raise awareness of environmental issues and give people the opportunity to take steps towards improving their eco-footprints. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. Nelson, a democrat, partnered with republican congressman, Pete McCloskey, and Harvard University professor, Denis Hayes, to stage a “teach-in.” The very first Earth Day celebration brought together people from all political parties and cultures to learn from each other about how to improve their environmental impact. For nearly five decades, Earth Day celebrations have continued bringing together people from all walks of life to learn about their environment and how they can make a difference.

Medico M.D. Going Green with Digital Technology

At Medico M.D., we have 18 dental offices throughout the DFW Metroplex, San Antonio, and Waco. With so many practices, we could make a huge impact on our environment. That’s why we do our part to reduce paper and chemical waste in our practices by using digital technology. By removing unnecessary paper files whenever possible, we are making small steps to reduce our eco-footprint. One of the biggest ways digital technology has improved our office is by removing the need for the hazardous chemicals necessary to develop traditional x-rays. Instead, we use less radiation exposure to capture digital x-rays, and there’s no need for any photo development chemicals in our office. If you want to learn more about the services available at Medico M.D., please don’t hesitate to contact us in one of our 18 convenient office locations. We can’t wait to help you and your family with all of your dental and medical healthcare needs.

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