How Often Should You Be Getting Your Teeth Cleaned At The Dentist?

How Often Should You Be Getting Your Teeth Cleaned At The Dentist?

Most of us understand that proper dental care is extremely important for a healthy life. Unfortunately, far too many people do not know how often they should undergo a professional teeth cleaning at the dentist. If this sounds like your situation, fear not. Here is an explanation of how often you should get your teeth cleaned and what factors could influence the length of time in-between cleanings.

Maintaining Proper Oral Hygiene

In addition to keeping your smile pristine for years to come, proper oral hygiene can help prevent certain diseases. Overall, the condition of your gums and teeth is directly correlated with your overall health. As such, regular brushing can help prevent cancer, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, gum disease, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV/AIDS, and even osteoporosis. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis will help prevent issues that could result in one of the illnesses mentioned above.

When Your Visits Should Increase

Many people think they should visit the dentist twice per year. However, this is only partially true. In reality, you should make a plan with your doctor and tailor your dental visits based on your individual needs. If you have just moved somewhere new or just landed a new job, call a local dental office nearest you and request a free consultation. Doing so will help you identify risk factors and establish a treatment plan that works for you.

Risk Factor: Diabetes

People with diabetes are often surprised to learn that it has a direct impact on their oral health. For one, diabetes puts individuals at risk for periodontitis, an infection of the ligaments and bones around the teeth. Diabetes can also reduce the production of saliva, resulting in dry-mouth. This is particularly worrisome because saliva protects the teeth from bacteria and germs that cause cavities. If you do not have enough saliva in your mouth throughout the day, you could find yourself prone to cavities and tooth decay.

Risk Factor: Smoking

If you are a smoker, it is best to quit as soon as possible. If you need any help just remember that every cigarette you smoke increases your risk of developing an oral disease such as cancer, gum disease, and gingivitis. It is recommended that smokers see their dentist about twice as often as non-smokers. So in addition to spending a small fortune on cigarettes, you could also be spending lavishly on frequent dental visits.

You’re Never Too Young Or Old To Visit The Dentist

If you are a parent, there is no need to refrain from scheduling a dental appointment just because your infant does not have a full mouth of teeth. On the contrary, dental care begins with the gums and it is best to instill good habits before the teeth are visible.

On the other hand, do not let old age stop you from visiting your dentist either. Even if you have dentures, you are still at risk of contracting gum disease. Fortunately, seeking help is as easy as consulting with your local dentist and formulating a regular treatment schedule.

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