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Waco, TX

Dr. Khan is another one of our doctors that grew up in India. He graduated with high honors and was first in his class at Boston University. His favorite quote is "Work hard, be humble, everything else is just luck." He definitely has worked hard because he managed to snatch a few awards like the best poster and paper presentation awards and received a gold medal in prosthodontics.

Dr. Khan is actively involved in volunteer work through different organizations and is passionate about his profession because it enables him to improve his patients' appearances, oral health, and self confidence. He enjoys traveling and says the coolest place he's ever traveled to is Dubai.

San Antonio, TX

Dr. Zaki went to school in San Antonio Tx, but grew up in Egypt. While Dr. Zaki was in school, he attended 12 mission trips. Dr. Zaki enjoys educating patients about the importance of oral health. He loves making patients happy by restoring their teeth to help them smile with confidence.

Dr. Zaki has one dog, and loves hanging out with him and going on runs. Soccer, Cycling, and traveling are some of his hobbies. One of the coolest places Dr. Zaki has traveled to is Colorado. His favorite quotes is “Everytime you smile at someone, it’s an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing” - Mother Teresa

San Antonio, TX

Dr. Raja grew up in India, where she began her studies at the Sri Ramachandra University. She then continued her studies in the United States and attended Rutgers School of Dental Medicine in Newark NJ in 2011, and in 2012 she attended Stony Brook of Dental Medicine. Dr. Raja then finished her education as a Doctor of Dental Surgery at the Loma Linda School of Dentistry, located in California. Dr. Raja has a mission of making others smile and free of pain.

Dr. Raja enjoys spending time with her husband and son. One of the coolest places Dr. Raja has traveled to is Niagra, and one of the facts Dr. Raja likes is, Enamel is the strongest type of bone, and the Tongue is the strongest muscle.

San Antonio, TX

Dr. Mohan is one of our most cherished Doctors that grew up in India. He received his BDS at Sri Ramachandra University. He began practice in 2008 and since then he has attended several mission trips and volunteer organizations. In 2011 Dr. Mohan also attended Long Island University in New York, and received masters in MPA. Dr. Mohan received his DDS degree from Loma Linda University, California. Dr. Mohan not only likes to give back but he has managed to receive an abundance of awards during his dental career! He was top of his class and received six awards, which is, top of the class award, OKU Honor Award, OKU Gold medal, Best Clinical Award, Best Fixed Prosthodontist award and the Clinical Teaching Award!

Dr. Mohan enjoys cooking, painting, golf, and traveling! He's always traveling all over Texas to visit all of our various clinics. He lives by the words "Treat your patient the way you want to be treated." and that is why all of his patients leave 100% satisfied after their appointments with him. If you’d like to makeover your smile, Dr. Mohan is the dentist to see!

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