Weight Loss

Dietary programs are great, until the temptations of junk food and emotions take control. Junk food and emotional eating is the biggest nemesis to all dietary programs. If you are struggling with weight loss because of the temptation to snack on unhealthy foods or have a strong urge to eat when your emotions take over, Medico MD is here to help.

We offer FDA-approved prescription medications that are highly effective in helping fight these urges. Our prescription medications help stimulate your body to suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism, and help burn fat without the feeling of fatigue, hunger pangs, and constant cravings to snack.

At Medico MD we offer prescription appetite suppressants, such as meal replacement shakes and prescription herbal appetite suppressants. These are both safe and effective in providing you with a balanced nutrition while suppressing the urges to reach for unhealthy snacks and meals, making it easier to achieve the weight loss goals. You will start to get the hang of eating smaller, healthier portions of meals that you love. Your medical provider will recommend one or several plan(s) that is well-suited for your body after reviewing the lab work from your consultation.

If prescription weight loss plans have been unsuccessful in the past, let our providers assist you in a more personalize treatment plan to achieve the beautiful body you desire.

We believe primary care should be the first stop in your healthcare journey; it’s where you turn for guidance and support before you get sick, before you see a specialist, and before you need to seek hospital care. Our Healthcare providers combine excellent customer service with an efficient use of technology to deliver high-quality, affordable service that’s designed to fit your unique needs.

Medico M.D. provides medical care for all ages: adults, children and geriatrics (elderly adults). We’re a convenient healthcare home for all the generations in your family.

All Medico M.D.’s clinics have staff members who are bi-lingual in Spanish and English. By understanding your needs, we provide great medical and dental services.

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