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Medico M.D. Benefits

Patient Care

We take pride in providing exceptional care by our extraordinary staff. We always give our patients maximum care with minimal pain.

Customer Service

Our patients come first, We want to provide our patient with the ought most care regardless of their Medical and Dental needs. All Medico M.D. patients are a top priority.


At Medico M.D. we believe getting medical and dental services should be simple. Visit us to experience the best care and unparalleled customer service.

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Proudly Serving Dallas – Fort Worth & San Antonio

We can see your entire family in one visit , whether it’s for a physical, toothache or just a cough and cold. Book your appointment today!


Geriatric Patients

Serving geriatric patients often presents unique medical and dental care. Medico M.D. is accustomed to serving patients with special sensory or ambulatory needs.


Your health and smile are Our Top Priorities