Dentures in Texas

The right dentures for you

If you’ve lost several, or even most of your teeth, dentures might be the best way to help restore functionality to your life. Your teeth are vital for eating and talking. Also, if you have suffered from significant tooth decay from your existing teeth, dentures are preferable to chewing with damaged or rotten teeth. You can get high-quality and affordable dental options only at Medico M.D.

Full and partial dental replacement options

Our denture options depend on how many teeth you need to replace. Partial dentures can be secured quickly in the area where the teeth are missing. Full sets may take longer depending on if you need to have some or all your teeth removed.

If you have all your teeth removed, your dentures are ready for installation in the mouth around two to three months.

How long does it take to adjust?

It depends on whether it is a full or partial replacement. This will be an adjustment and patience is required. Any prosthetic device can feel uncomfortable during the first few weeks or months. Also, increased saliva production or mouth sores are possible. The Medico team will help you maximize comfort and help you adjust to your new prosthetics. Patience and wearing them regularly will help the muscles of your cheeks and tongue learn to hold them in place and allow your mouth to get used to the dentures.

What are my aftercare instructions?

When handling, hold them over a folded towel so they have a soft landing if they fall. They are delicate and can break if they fall on a hard surface.

When not in use, always keep them in water or a cleaning solution. Never place them in hot water, as this will cause shape change

Brush them daily to prevent staining, food buildup, and plaque.
Call us if your dentures start to feel loose. Do not attempt to fix or bend your prosthetics in any way as they can chip, crack, or break without professional dental handling.

A commitment to excellence

At Medico M.D we are committed to restoring the functionality of your teeth. Our full and partial dentures are both excellent options that can have you smiling again.