Weight Management Services in Texas

Proven Weight Management

Losing weight is a challenge for many. If you’ve tried every fad diet on the internet – only to end up right where you’ve started, call the offices of Medico M.D.

Traditionally, weight loss is framed as calorie management. Theoretically, if you consume fewer calories than your body uses daily you should lose weight over time. However, for some people, it is not that simple.

Obesity can often have a genetic or familial cause, making it difficult to lose the weight you want. Also, certain medical conditions can contribute to sudden weight gain or difficulty losing weight such as thyroid disease. Weight management starts by getting a complete picture of you and your health. Ask your doctor about the best weight management techniques when you visit us for your annual wellness exam.

A personalized plan – just for you

Everyone is different and if you want a workout plan that will help you get healthy and lose weight we will take the time to customize it. We will check for any underlying health issues, and complete a thorough health exam. Once we have done that we will recommend proven diets, and exercise routines and even prescribe FDA weight loss medications if they are needed.

Don’t spend another minute chasing the latest diet fad. Call our offices today and schedule an appointment at 1-844-9MEDICO.