Oral Exams in Texas

Fast cleaning for your teeth and gums

Routine dental exams and teeth cleaning are an essential part of keeping and maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile. At Medico M.D. we’ll keep your teeth beautiful while identifying and fixing any issues before they develop into major problems.

What should I know for my first exam?

First, you’ll meet with one of our friendly dentists or hygienists, to discuss your health history to see if it affects your oral health.

We’ll also discuss factors such as new medications, diabetes, arthritis, or pregnancy- that way we can provide you with the best care possible. If it has been a while since your last exam or checkup, or if diet or oral hygiene has led to gum disease, then additional teeth cleanings may be required.

What happens during the exam?

During the cleaning, your dentist performs an in-depth examination to find problem areas between the teeth, gums, and enamel. They will also search for other signs of trouble such as redness, swelling near the gums, or sores. Our dentist will also measure your periodontal pockets – the spaces between your gum’s top and bottom tissues for signs of periodontal disease.

Finally, we’ll take x-ray images of the mouth so that your dentist can examine any possible concerns not visible to the naked eye. This thorough x-ray will give us a comprehensive view of your teeth as well as your gums, roots, and jaw bones.

Rinse, repeat every six months

To maintain optimal dental health, we recommend that you make an appointment every six months. This is because your teeth receive constant use and can be impacted by the foods and drinks you consume. We’ll look for any changes between visits and remove plaque and tartar buildup, as well as look for cavities and signs of other, more advanced dental maladies.

Don’t put off a visit any longer. Call and schedule an appointment at Medico M.D. today. We have several convenient locations for you.