Teeth Whitening in Texas

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You don’t have to hide your smile any longer. Our proven teeth whitening system can reverse years of stains and discoloration. Give Medico M.D. a call today and we’ll unlock the secrets to your award-winning smile.

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Before you start any teeth whitening regimen it is important to schedule a routine exam and cleaning so we can determine if your oral health is good enough to undergo the bleaching process. It is also important so our dentists can determine whether their particular teeth stains and discolorations can be improved.

Our offices offer both in-office and at-home treatments to meet your teeth whitening needs.
The in-office treatment allows our dentists to use a more powerful whitening technique. We’ll use a specialized light that activates the gel and enables faster bleaching. These treatments typically take between 30-90 minutes and require one to three appointments.

For in-home treatment, our dentists will take impressions of your teeth and customize mouthpieces that fit you. Once at home you will wear the mouthpiece for several hours every day to allow the solution to whiten your teeth. Most people see noticeable results within a week or two.

It is important that you follow all instructions provided by your dentists as deviating from them can cause reduced results.

You also have the added benefit of a treatment that is supervised by a Medico M.D. professional. Your dentist may offer additional home whitening to ensure the long-term success of your in-office treatment.

It’s also important to know that certain lifestyle factors can affect the color of your teeth and reduce whitening effectiveness, these include but are not limited to smoking or drinking dark-colored liquids such as wine or coffee. Additional touch-ups may be required to achieve the desired result.

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