Orthodontic Treatment in Texas

Complete orthodontics services

Braces aren’t just for teenagers. If you suffer from crooked or misaligned teeth, underbites or overbites, or just gaps between your teeth, you don’t have to suffer any longer. Traditional braces can fix all of these issues and more.

Braces are quick and easy to apply and will give you a beautiful smile. Call the offices of Medico M.D. today!

How do braces work?

Traditional braces are among the more effective orthodontic treatments available today. The braces are composed of brackets that attach to the front of the teeth and wire that runs through them. The braces are permanently attached to your teeth, so they apply constant pressure on the teeth to help align, correct, or close any gaps as quickly as possible.

While pressure is applied to the teeth it is a gradual process that is typically painless. In most cases, any residual discomfort is far less than the pain of letting conditions such as underbites and overbites continue untreated.

How to properly care for your braces

You need to clean your teeth each day just as you would without braces. Also, it is important to avoid certain foods such as hard or sticky candy, as well as small seeds which could become lodged in the braces. Our team will provide a comprehensive care list before you leave our offices.

Flexible payment options

Getting braces doesn’t have to break the bank. Currently, we offer our complete orthodontic services for only $99 down and $119 a month. We want you to have the freedom to get the care that you need without costs getting in the way.

In addition to our flexible payment options, we also accept most forms of insurance. We accept most P.P.O plans, in addition to Medicaid, and Medicare.

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