Braces have helped millions of people achieve healthier, straighter smiles. Our dentists at Medico M.D. are happy to help you learn more and determine whether braces are the right for you.

Are Braces Right For You?

Are your teeth

  • Crooked
  • Crowded

Do you have a(n)

  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Openbite
About Braces

Braces are an orthodontic treatment option that can help you achieve a smile that is straighter and healthier. Being the most common orthodontic treatment available, braces work to improve your smile by gradually and gently realigning your teeth.

Braces are a system of metal brackets, wires, and bands. The brackets are attached to the front of your teeth and are connected to each other by a metal wire and bands. As we begin adjust the wire, the braces guide your teeth to their ideal positions in your smile.

Financing Options