Why Take Your Child for a Check Up This Summer?

Summer! Every kid’s favorite time of year. No school, no homework, and lots of time to spend outside in the sun and inside with family and friends. Keeping them safe and healthy during the summertime should always be top priority – everyone from toddlers to teenagers needs a little extra attention during the summer. Fortunately, for those living in cities in Texas, Medico M.D. accepts Children’s Medicaid to make your life easier, to ensure your healthcare is as accessible as possible, and to keep your child happy and healthy.

As fun as summer sounds, it is not uncommon for children and teens to get summer cavities brought on by sweet summer treats and a significant change in routine. Remember, their routine now means they will have more access to sugary substances than they did before summer. Consequently, their teeth will become vulnerable to decay.
Watch the following video to learn how a high sugar diet increases the risk of cavities:


Summer is also the time when most children gain weight. While gaining a little weight isn’t necessarily bad, and in some cases may be perfectly healthy, many children run the risk of becoming overweight or obese. This makes summer health and dental checkups at Medico M.D. a wise choice.

To learn a little bit more about childhood obesity, check out this informative short film.

Summer has just begun, and here and with all the things that go on, we can get so busy that we forget to do the things that matter most – such as keeping an eye on your children’s healthcare visit routines. However, it is important to get your kids to medical health checkups before the new school year starts to ensure they will have the best chance possible this upcoming year.

Why You Should Take Your Child for a Checkup

Check-ups are important for all children – even for kids who seem healthy or aren’t experiencing any obvious signs of illness. Frequent trips to your doctor can help your doctor to find any signs of disease or conditions at their earliest stages, and treat it before it becomes a serious problem. If you’re worried about costs, many doctor’s offices, like Medico M.D., offer different payment plans and accept health insurance plans such as Children’s Medicaid. Doctor’s can also give you advice on how to encourage your child to be healthier, and advise you on what to watch out for to help you actively keep your child safe and in good health. A summer health checkup for your kids will assure you of your child’s well-being and you will know how well they are developing. This will also give you an opportunity to ask the doctor questions about common concerns like eating and sleeping habits.

Children's Medicaid

Detect Illnesses Early

Early detection of illnesses and conditions are a key tool in keeping your child happy and healthy. Remember, early detection helps doctors when it comes to preventing the emergence of major health issues. The earlier a doctor can catch something, the easier it is for your doctor to treat it, and for your child to recover.  This is true for every illness and condition – from the common cold, to type I Diabetes, to cancers. Healthcare providers at Medico M.D. will check your kid’s hearing, weight, vision, and height. They will also examine your child’s vaccination history to determine if it satisfactory. Medico MD is equipped to do a complete lab work panel to help analyze allergies, hormone levels, blood diseases, and more.

Regular checkups for your child are an excellent idea. At Medico M.D., we understand that your child needs stability and consistency, and you need convenience and affordability. This is why Medico M.D. offers both health and dental check-ups in the same location, and why we accept Children’s Medicaid, CHIP, and most healthcare plans. Medico MD also provides easy financing options for families without coverage.


Your Child’s Dental Health

Preventative dental care is crucial, especially for children because they are the most vulnerable to cavities. Scheduling a check-up and cleaning this summer will allow dentists to remove any built-up plaque or tartar since your child’s last visit. If it turns out that your child has cavities, then Medico M.D.can be the convenient and affordable solution. Your child will be smiling from ear to ear by the time they are done, and it will be a beautiful cavity-free smile at that. In addition to that, you will get advice on preventative measures against dental problems that mostly occur in summer. And as always, you will be working with an institution that accepts Children’s Medicaid, CHIP, and most healthcare plans. Medico MD also provides easy financing options for families without coverage.

Children’s Medicaid

Remember, Children’s Medicaid covers your child’s Medical and Dental needs. You can take advantage of this cover because it gives you access to many health care services. They include medical and dental checkups, medical supplies, emergency care, medical healthcare, and speech therapy among others. To learn more about Children’s Medicaid and what services it covers, you should visit the official website for CHIP Children’s Medicaid.

Contact Medico M.D. today to receive invaluable advice on how you can take care of your child’s medical and dental needs to help your child live a healthy life. You can also check our locations page to find an office close to you, or see our current Promotional Offers to help make your visit more even affordable.

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